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Would you like to exchange links with us? We would be happy to list your website here in our links directory. We have included a simple form below where you can set out your requirements.

We do have a few requirements of our own however so, before you add your website to our directory, you should first ensure that ALL of the following criteria are met. (Should you need further clarification of our requirements you will find additional help here).
  1. You must provide us with a reciprocal link - i.e. you will need to place a link from a page on your website back to this website. The details of the link you need to put on your website are as set out below;
  2. The home page of the website where you place the above link must have a Google pagerank of at least 1. More Info
  3. The page where you place the above link should not contain more than 100 other links. More Info
  4. It should be possible to navigate from the home page of the website where you place the above link to the actual page where the link is displayed in no more than 3 clicks. More Info
  5. We do not engage in '3-way links'. I.e. the website where you advertise our link must be the same website that you advertise in this links directory. More Info
  6. The link to us does not contain the 'nofollow' tag. More Info
  7. Your website may not contain material considered offensive or otherwise inappropriate. More Info
Please note also that all links on our website are checked regularly to ensure they remain valid and continue to meet our criteria.

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